Les historien om Tøyenløftet

Oslo City Council’s Department for Urban Development has published a new magazine «Tøyen: glimt fra områdeløft 2014-2018» highlighting many of the positive changes the area has experienced over the past four years. Check out all the cool things happening at Tøyen and read about our collaboration with Rodeo arkitekter and Zenisk on the Parkløft: Tøyen project, and what the community thinks about the new Sørli playpark which SOLA has designed.

Upgrading of Sørli play park is part of Områdeløftene Tøyen og Grønland and Bydel Gamle Oslo’s efforts to help create safer and more inclusive urban environments for the local community at Tøyen. The playground was perceived as rundown and unsafe with poor surveillance and lighting. The design of Sørli has focused on creating a diverse playground with its own identity through focus on continuous lines, safety and overview for the users, varied play and informal meeting spaces, lighting and reinforcement of the existing planting